Restructuring or technological Shift in Focus?

Facing staffing shortages and technical leadership?

Planning international strategic collaborations?

As a management consultant or an interim CTO, I bring extensive technical expertise from the aerospace and deep-tech sectors, including involvement in projects such as the Hyperloop. My experiences span from established OEMs to startups with unique challenges.
Staffing Shortages?
Benefit from my expertise in leading multinational teams, establishing strategic partnerships, and negotiating technical contracts. My experience ranges from leading small teams to CTO roles overseeing more than 40 employees.
Planning international strategic collaborations?
As a leader of international working groups and a negotiator within consortium partners, I can draw upon numerous completed agreements and successful collaborations. Leading international teams with representatives from 8 different nations, I have successfully navigated crises and implemented realignments.

My Keywords

Efficiency: Leverage my skills precisely when and how you need them. I offer this in temporary leadership of your engineering department, leading innovative product development projects, and optimizing knowledge transfer as an interim CTO.
Leadership: In times of repositioning or crisis, team acceptance is crucial for long-term success. With my experience as a disciplinary lead in various roles and sizes, I provide the necessary leadership.
External Perspective: My experiences in commercial and military engine programs, extensive international deployments, and intensive involvement in a deep-tech startup enable me to draw from diverse perspectives and benefit from a broad range of international experiences.
Engineering/Technology: As a long-time technical program leader of one of the largest current engine programs, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with various engineering disciplines: structural mechanics, strength, aerodynamics, materials science, design organization, air and oil systems, repair development, etc.
Values: My commitment and passion are defined by values. Trust, integrity, honesty, as well as humanity and intercultural competence form the cornerstones of my work. Combined with solid technical expertise, these values create a robust foundation for sustainable collaboration.

Experience in international Projects

Strategic Partnerships

Networking, selecting the right collaboration partners, and negotiating partnerships for Zeleros Hyperloop S.L.


Corporate Structure and financial growth

Restructuring of the company’s structure and transformation towards financial growth for a Start-up in Valencia, Spain.


Reduction of Development costs

Reduction of development payments for the Airbus A320 PW1100 engine for
MTU Aero Engines, Munich, Germany


Aviation Investments

Expertise in Aviation Investments: Technical Background, Risk Analysis, and Root Cause Management


Contract Negotiation

Innovative In-Service Support contracts for the Engines of the Airbus A400M for
Europrop International, Madrid Spain


Customer technical Support

Onsite Customer Service Lead for the Turbine of the PW2000 Engine for Pratt&Whittney, Hartford USA


New Business Modell

Establishment of a new business model to secure the spare parts supply for existing fleets for the Lockheed F4 Phantom Engines at MTU Munich, Germany


About me

Georg Schleiermacher, Founder and CTO.
Since 2015, I have been working with clients from various industries, including engineering, design, finance, and services. Depending on the tasks at hand, I operate as either a management consultant or as an interim CTO (Chief Technology Officer).
Expert in Deep-Tech, aviation, and propulsion, with over 25 years of experience in the engine industry. Over the last 1.5 years, I served as the CTO for a Hyperloop company. My internationally oriented career encompasses all aspects of aircraft engines, from pre-development through certification to the in-service phase, aftermarket, and repair. As a Technical Program Director, I closely collaborated with the world’s top five engine manufacturers in “Risk and Revenue Share” programs.
  • CTO at Zeleros Hyperloop in Valencia, Spain, since January 2023.
  • 24 years at MTU AeroEngines in Munich, in various roles, locations, and leadership positions.
  • Cranfield University: Gas Turbine Technology, obtaining a Master of Science degree.
  • University HAW Hamburg: Aircraft Vehicle Design. Fokus on aerodynamics, lightweight construction, structure, and aircraft design, leading to a Diplom Ingenieur degree.
Detailed Resume and more Information – see LinkedIn