Network, Partner Selection, and Partnership Negotiation

Company: Zeleros, a deep-tech startup specializing in Hyperloop and electric transportation systems based in Valencia, Spain.

Situation: The ecosystem of the seven global Hyperloop companies is characterized by intense competition triggered by initial race.

Objective: In line with the aviation industry, there is an opportunity for all participating companies, where competitors engage in “Risk and Revenue Share.” partnerships. The strategic allocation of development areas among major competitors will achieve sustainable security and market preparedness.


  • Analysis of competitors.
  • Building contacts and networks.
  • Establishment of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and preliminary contracts.
  • Definition of discussions and initial joint actions.
  • Negotiation of collaboration agreements.
  • Publication and media contact regarding the results.


  • After 8 month contact established with all competitors in the European and U.S. markets.
  • Setting up discussions and regular meetings in international working groups with 4 organizations.
  • Definition of cross-company technical teams already engaged in work.
  • Signing of Collaboration Agreements with two organizations.
  • Further agreements are in progress and in the negotiation phase.
  • Publication of social media posts and press releases on the two partnerships.