H&S Ingenieur Netzwerk is an international network organisation for consulting services.
The international market shows high technology industrial products,  presents up-to-date developments and offer a broad variety of high performing industry solutions. A solid technical understanding of complex products as well as the right selection of the most suitable solution is an increasing challenge for international customers. 
We see our self as a strong link between western industry and international companies to support a tailored business for both sides the supplier and the customer.
We have established in all major lines of industry a wide ranging network of engineers, specialists and experts which have specific education and long term industry experience.
H&S Ingenieur Netzwerk are German Engineers and international experts with a broad portfolio of different industries and expertise. We achieve our aim to offer excellent consulting quality with our considerable network of European engineers and international specialists.  
Our Team and Network uses professional experienced co-workers from European industry or research center for the application to your project. We have long term experience in contract management and negotiation, order administration, manufacturing, sales, aftermarket, customer support, repair development, sourcing and quality.  
We offer support in the areas of network communication, training, coaching, negotiation skills and communication methods for business initiation.
The benefit of an international network is the combination of technical expertise and the intercultural experience from our partners – this is a unique link between German Engineers and the international business culture.
Together with our client we develop tailored solutions based on specific needs and business models. Our team an network counsels, connects and supports you on your project, we are the partner on your side to rely on.
We are the partner in your negotiation team, accompany you at technical congresses or at international fairs.
We deliver technical background of European high end products, check and review technical specifications and requirement catalogues or create technical documentation.
Within the areas of economic feasibility and operating efficiency we analyze technical influences, review feasibility studies to protect your project from the technical point of view.
The success of international partnership between western industry and international business culture is not purely a perfect business plan or most suitable industry products – it is  the relationship of trust which is the key influence of the success of a project. In order for business relationships to thrive, personal relationships need first to be nurtured and consolidated. Having a network partner on-site knowing local cultural customs will make the difference in establishing the relationship.
These are our values where we base our engagement and passion on:
Intercultural competence and customer commitment combined with a solid technical expertise.